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Two Dried Leaves


EMDR is an evidence based therapy designed to use our natural healing ability to overcome significant life events that continue to have a negative influence on our lives.  Together, we identify those experiences and work through them, releasing unhelpful thoughts, emotions, and body sensations attached to those memories.  The therapy is tailored to you and to the level you feel able to manage.

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Zen Stones


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a well established treatment to help overcome a number of mental health problems.  By working with the way you think and behave, we can bring about change in how you feel.  By using different techniques, we can change unhelpful thinking styles, altering your outlook on life.  We can also reduce behaviours that feed in to the problem and enhance helpful behaviours.

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Foggy Pier


I can provide supervision for those undergoing either EMDR or CBT training, as well as those who are already qualified.  As an accredited Consultant and practitioner, supervision hours will aid in your own accreditation.

Supervision can be provided either individually or in groups, conducted in person or via multimedia methods.

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